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Privacy Policy respects your privacy and always looking forward to the protection of personal information for anyone visiting the website.

In this privacy policy, we explain in detail how we go about collecting, disclosing, and using (under given conditions) your personal data. In the policy, we also explain the various steps we use in acquiring personal information. The Privacy Policy finally explains the user options concerning the collection, disclosure, and use of personal information. Visiting Dailyrfp.comindicates that you agree on the practices illustrated in this privacy policy.

First and foremost, your privacy is an essential thing for us, and for that reason, we guarantee you data protection when you visit our website. Therefore, we will use your information according to what is stated in this Policy. For this reason, we will gather information when necessary and only that information that is relevant to both the site user and us.

We will keep the gathered information for the intended collection purpose or on instances where the law requires us to do so.

Without providing your details, you are free to visit and browse. At this time, you will be anonymous, and there is no way we can identify you. The only way we can recognize you is when you create an account with us and use your details to log in.

Information that collect

Once you visit our website to order any product, we can collect your information.

The main reason we collect your personal information is the provision of our services to you or sorting any possible claims later. We use the collected, stored, and processed data in processing the purchase initiated through our site. We may gather personal data including (though not limited to) your name, title, date of birth, gender, postal address, delivery address, email address, phone number, bank details, fax number, and your card details.

We may use your information in

  • Processing your orders
  • Offer you with the knowledge and services you can gain through us
  • Administering your account with
  • Verifying and carrying out financial transactions related to your payments
  • Auditing our website
  • Improving the content and the layout of our site and customize them according to the users
  • Identifying our website visitors
  • Providing you with information about Dailyrfp.comservices and products among other relevant things

With your consent, we may reach out to you via email with information about the details of other services and products. However, you have the right to opt-out of our communication anytime you wish to do so.

We may share your information (address and name) with a third party in facilitating the delivery of your order. This includes suppliers or couriers. This means that you submit accurate and not misleading information. Ensure that your information is up to date and notify us whenever you make changes.

We may store your order details, but for security purposes, we cannot retrieve it directly. However, users can access the information by signing in to their account. Here they can see the details of completed orders, open orders, and orders that are to be dispatched shortly. With this, you can provide your details in case you want a refund or control any newsletter that you subscribed to. You need to maintain the confidentiality of the access to your data and keep it safe from unauthorized parties. Keep in mind that we will not be responsible for the misuse of your password.

Other uses

Other uses of your personal information by Dailyrfp.cominclude marketing research and opinion. We will only use your details for statistical purposes. You can opt-out anytime you wish.

We do not forward to third parties the answers to opinion polls or surveys that we request you to complete. The only time we can disclose your email is when you are interested in competitions. We save the survey responses separately with your email.

We may as well share with you information about our other sites, about us, the Site, our newsletters, sales promotions, our products, or anything concerning our business partners. You can click the unsubscribe link if you prefer not to receive any of the additional information that we may send you. With seven businesses in Bangladesh receiving your instruction, you will stop receiving the info. We may contact you in case we need any clarification about your direction.

We may anonymous our Site user's data and use it for different purposes. This includes discovering the user's general location and use of a given site or links in the email for those subscribed to receive and delivering the anonymized information to third parties like publishers. However, the anonymized data is for user identification.


For any given competition, we use the information in notifying winners and advertising our offers. You can get more details in the participation terms on given competitions on our website.

Links and Third parties

We may share your details with other organizations in our group. We may as well share your details with our subcontractors and agents to aid us in using your information according to the policy. For instance, we can use third parties to help us deliver goods to you, collect payments or money from you, in data analysis, and provide Dailyrfp.comwith management services.

We may share the details with third parties for fraud protection and reducing credit risks. Unless for the reasons in this Privacy Policy, we will in no way disclose or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. This can only happen when the law requires us to do so. Our website may display third party links and adverts, keep in mind that we are in no control of consent or privacy of those other sites or third parties. We are also not responsible for the third parties with which we share your data according to this Policy.


Visiting Dailyrfp.comdoes not require you to accept cookies. However, be aware that the using of the basket functionality on our site and making orders, is only for cookies activation. A cookie is a piece of statement stored on the device you use accessing our Site. It stores information on how you used the website. This will allow us to tailor the information we present to you when you visit the site again. They can be used to provide tailored marketing and ads and in analyzing traffic.

We use cookies in

Recognizing your IP address

We are saving your time while using our website.

Ensuring convenience while using For instance, with cookies, you can adjust your shopping cart with no need to enter your email again. You can set your browser not to allow cookies, although this will restrict your site use. Be rest assured the use of cookies on our site does not have any private or personal details and is virus-free.


With the suitable procedural and security methods by ltd, we guarantee to prevent your personal information from unlawful or unauthorized access to destruction or accidental loss. We use a very secure server in the collection of your personal information. Dailyrfp.comuses firewalls in the servers. With our security measures, we may sometimes read the identity of the site visitor before disclosing personal data. However, keep in mind that you are responsible for protecting your computer and password against unapproved access.

Your rights

Are you concerned about your data? You have the privilege of requesting access to the details that we may process or hold about you. At any time you wish, you can ask Company to stop the use of your personal information for marketing purposes.